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Healthcare for
the Whole Woman

My focus is creating health, not just treating disease, by addressing the whole woman -- body, mind and spirit.

Using a comprehensive, functional medicine approach, I integrate the latest scientific medical research on bio-identical hormones, nutrition, and medicinal herbs along with attention to women’s psychology and spirituality.

Frustrated by the limitations of conventional medicine, a challenging personal journey has made me passionate about teaching women to create transformative healing for themselves.

My clients learn it’s ALL connected. Holistic hormone replacement therapy is not “alternative” medicine. It’s biochemistry at its best!


Need Answers to Your Health Questions?

bulletWhy am I so out of balance?

PMS, hot flashes, night sweats, irregular or heavy periods, mood swings and menopause. Fast relief with simple diet, lifestyle and nutrient support... (more about hormones )

bulletWhy am I so tired?

Adrenal fatigue and subtle thyroid dysfunction are often missed with conventional testing. You often feel terrible, but standard blood work shows “nothing’s wrong”… (more about fatigue)

bulletWhy can’t I sleep?

Chronic insomnia and sleep disturbances can signal imbalance in adrenal, thyroid, estrogen and progesterone levels which can be detected with saliva testing…. (more about insomnia)

bulletWhy do I feel “toxic”?

Environmental toxins combined with internal body toxins, and emotional toxicity from too much stress, can overwhelm our body’s detoxification capacities, leading to autoimmune conditions, inflammation, hormone imbalance and chronic poor health… (more about feeling toxic)

bulletWhat are my “gut feelings” telling me?

Gas, bloating, reflux, irritable bowel, and "leaky gut" syndrome point to gastrointestinal sources of hormonal imbalances -- often caused by unrecognized food allergies/intolerances such as wheat (gluten) and dairy (casein) …(more about gastro-intestinal health)

bulletWhy am I so sad and anxious?

Is it really depression or hormone and nutrient deficiencies? or “gut feelings?”… (more about depression and anxiety)

bulletWhere’s my libido gone?

Vibrant, healthy sexuality is a sacred gift that can be regained…. (more about sexuality)

bulletWhy can’t I lose weight?

The role of hormones, inflammation, toxicity, sleep and stress… (more about weight loss)

bulletWhat about breast cancer?

Understanding your risks and the role of prevention ... (more about breast health)

bulletWhat about anti-aging?

Scientific studies show it is possible to feel younger and create healthy longetivity with a combination of hormone, lifestyle and nutrition balance.” Learn more about anti-aging.


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